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Life coach and horse whisperer, Koelle Simpson, offers a new perspective on communication and trust development.


Koelle Simpson

Life coach and horse whisperer, Koelle Simpson, offers a new perspective on communication and trust development. She is honored to have received extraordinary educational experiences and opportunities with individuals who are working to have a positive impact on the world. Her mission in life is to help others rebuild trust in themselves, as well as in their relationships with others, and as a result unleash the powerful leader within each of us. From 2000 to 2005, Koelle was a student of world-renowned equine trainer and best-selling author Monty Roberts, known as “The Horse Whisperer”. Koelle was given the opportunity to learn first-hand from Mr. Roberts, conducting speaking engagements, workshops and demonstrations and partaking in national and international touring events. During this time, Koelle helped troubled individuals and corporations to build trust and redefine their approach to communication using the non-verbal language of horses.

In 2005, Koelle was offered apprenticeship with internationally acclaimed life coach, best-selling self-help author, and Oprah columnist, Dr. Martha Beck. The time and training spent with Dr. Beck enabled Koelle to obtain a more thorough understanding of the parallels between helping a troubled horse and helping a troubled individual regain the directions to a great life. Recently, Koelle has developed new friendships at the Londolozi game reserve, a global leader in wildlife conservation, located near Kruger National Park in South Africa. She is thrilled to have this special opportunity to visit the bushveld on a regular basis to enhance her understanding of Mother Nature’s example of leadership, trust, balance and interspecies communication.


Speaking Engagements

Koelle Simpson shares her work in speaking engagements and transformational workshops all throughout the U.S., Europe, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. She has been seen on Oprah Winfrey's OWN on Finding Sarah Ferguson, the BBC World News, and featured in various national and international publications. Simpson’s clientele range from globally recognized corporate executives to non-profit leaders to everyday individuals seeking more information about improving their interpersonal and leadership skills.

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Horse Sense

In the August 2013 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Beck takes us through the journey of a client's life changing equus session with Koelle.

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Learning Curves: Corporate Horse Whisperer

I’m inside this circular pen, with this very large horse, for a sampling of the Leadership Workshop led by Koelle Simpson. 

Cover spread

Part 1

Part 2

Neigh Sayers: How Political Leaders in Both Parties Can Learn a Thing or Two from Horse Whisperers

So how about a column that starts out being about horse whispering and ends up being about leadership and politics? Trust me, there is a relationship (or don’t trust me and just read along for entertainment).

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